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When it comes to technical team and equipment, Behavand Darou laboratory is one of the most comprehensive quality control laboratories in supplement production industry and livestock feed preparation. This lab has not only utilized appropriate equipment, but also got responsible people with expertise.

Behavand Darou has concentrated on raw materials preparation with high quality and reliability by considering the sensitivity of the final product’s quality. We believe that without providing the best type of raw materials, it is inaccessible to produce anything with a promising quality.

Behavand Darou Company’s management has aimed for producing the final product with the highest quality by trying to equip the laboratory with the newest technology and equipment through meticulous quality control of the raw material and products. Remarkably, this laboratory collaborates with the reference veterinary and livestock, poultry laboratories in some instances for completion of experiments and also in order to control the obtained results.


Obtaining ISO 17025 standard

Obtaining the representation of the Institute of Standards & Industrial Research and becoming the reference laboratory

Increasing the number of high-tech equipment such as atomic absorption device, LCmass

Increasing the number of technical and specialized staff

Increasing the scientific level of technical staff by participating in workshops and conferences

Laboratory Departments:

  • Quality Control Laboratories
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Microbiology Laboratory

Quality Control Laboratories:

The main cardinal point in pharmaceutical industry is quality assurance. As a result, QC laboratories with their endorsing support and quality control systems, play an eminently major and decisive role in this industry.In this manner, without things that are done in production, the laboratory precisely and consistently monitors all of the effective indicators in quality.

Chemistry Laboratory:

Behavand Darou Chemistry laboratory started its activity according to the amount of Assay and the supplement production sector’s need for vitamin, mineral measurement of initial samples and final products.

Experiments list:

Raw materials analysis

Mineral, vitamin supplements analysis

Physical, chemical properties measurement

Laboratory items shelf life and stability investigation

Microbiology Laboratory:

This part of the laboratory with activity in the field of controlling environmental and microbial conditions in different parts including raw materials and final products using specialized chromogenic culture media and specific bacterial and fungal staining tries to control and confirm the health of raw materials and products. Liquid Chromatography device with high performance has had the most rapid advancement among all of the analytical separation techniques. Bahavand Darou Laboratory utilizes this technology to look for a suitable method for separation, measurement and determination of materials, using this technique and combining it with other methods, the accuracy of detection and analysis of raw materials in terms of chemical and biochemical properties, HPLC device has got Auto-sampler and Clarity software in order to analyze the data.

Double Beam Spectrophotometer:

 A newer generation type 2; In this type light beam is divided to two separate rays which is an advantage because reading the source and sample is done simultaneously. Also, the double beam device has more sensitivity and repeatability.  It is suitable for more complex samples.

Single Beam Spectrophotometer:

This single beam spectrophotometer belongs to the first generation systems and all of the light passes from within the sample. These Spectrophotometers are the most efficient ones in our age because they have less parts and their system has less complexity. This device can perform for a longer period of time and has got high accuracy.

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