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About Us

In 2006, a group of investors and experienced experts decided to start the company in livestock nutritional, therapeutic supplement industry. Our motto is “Rebirth in Quality Production” and a Production line was founded for this pathway. So that a variety of nutritional and medicinal additives is supplied particularly those used for species in different stages while being raised.

A competitive rivalry among international products in the market is our promise and to inspire the utilization of high-quality products which are made domestically yet again. The company is registered in 15/5/2006 with registration no. 270963 at Tehran province company registration office. After obtaining the foundation allowance no. 51435 from industrial and mining administration, the construction was commenced in the same year and products of the company in 02/09/2008 entered the market after getting operation license no. 73295 from industry and mining administration and also manufacturing license from veterinary administration. The factory land sizing 2387.5 m2 is purchased In Eshtehard industrial town located in 120 km from Tehran and the construction stages of the official and production buildings started its activity in three work shifts with a 3500 tonne supplement production annual capacity which are 1180 m2 Including supplement production lines, microbial and chemical specialized laboratory, separated warehouses, refrigerator and etc. The factory’s production method is based on GMP principles from veterinary administration and currently, a variety of the factory’s manufacturing products are used in the whole country in two separate production lines for vitamin and mineral supplement in breeders farming units, livestock,poultry feed supply factories, various laying chicken and raising broilers production units, industrial livestock farming, and ostrich farming. Notably, more than half of the company’s 26 people are professionals graduated with high diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD. In 2011, The company purchased 90 % share of the “Sepehr-e-Gharb” half-constructed additive manufacturing factory   located in Bijar industrial town in Kordestan province and finished the completion stages of that unit. With getting the operation license number 55/209891 form the ministry of Industry, mining and commerce and also health license number 9/97/04/02/128036 from the Kordestan province veterinary administration office, it has started  to produce a variety of specialized livestock concentrates according to the common species of the country in July 2013 with the brand of the “Sepehr-e-Gharb” supplement manufacturing. Hopefully, our industrial group’s manufacturing products supply the country’s need in livestock industry market with a desired quality which eliminates the dependence to import.

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